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The Art of Imperfection: A Guide to Creating the Most...Unique...Charcuterie Boards (LOL)

When purchasing one of our customized charcuterie boards for delivery, our clients often have some strangely unique asks. And although we stick closely to the epitome of elegance and sophistication, we were recently challenged by this particular board needing to be utterly chaotic. So, we started by writing down some rules that we want to share with you. Oddly enough, you might find that with the best intentions, many who throw out their rendition of meat and cheese boards often follow these very rules themselves: 

The Golden Rules of Badly Constructed Charcuterie Boards

1.    Don't worry about aesthetics: Who needs symmetry or harmony when you can create a board that looks like a hot mess? Leave the crackers strewn about, and the cheese slices scattered haphazardly. It's all about the journey, not the destination.

2.    Mix and match without regard: Why choose between two delicious cheeses when you can have three that don't really go together? Throw in some olives, pickles, and a few sad grapes for good measure. The more eclectic, the better.

3.    Forget about freshness: A few wilted leaves of lettuce or a stray piece of mold on that cheese won't hurt anyone...right? And who needs refrigeration when you're serving a spread that's sure to be devoured in 10 minutes flat?

4.    Don't bother with garnishes: What's the point of adding some fancy sprig of rosemary or a few pomegranate seeds when you can just toss everything on the board and call it a day? It's all about the raw, unbridled chaos of it all.

5.    Serve it at room temperature: Who needs refrigeration when you're serving a board that's been sitting out for hours? That cheese is probably fine...right?

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