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Small Bites of Delight…Just Right!

Oh, America…we are so good at so many things, especially snacking! And the food industry caters to every lb. of it. Oh, you know what I’m talking about, Bag ‘o chippers! Those things stimulate your brain to want more and more. Have you ever felt satisfied after downing an entire bowl of pretzels? But, could you imagine having to read the ingredients of those bags before you set up for the night on your couch? Oofah! Pour the bag into a bowl and forgettaboudit!

True foodies recognize the pleasure of tasting more and eating less. They know that a mouthful of a hero sandwich, although sometimes appropriate after a night of excessive partying, does not bode so well the next day. Instead, they opt for small-plate dining – samplings of meats, veggies, cheese, nuts and dried fruit to be sated and pair with libations to feel good in the morning.

Savoring the tastings of a Charcuterie board prepared by LA’s famed Los Angeles Charcuterie is an unforgettable experience as the board becomes the centerpiece of appetizers where friends and family gather ‘round. You are less likely to pile on your appetizer plate like a Smorgasbord, or go back as much, because you are sharing with the masses. Yet, you can easily fill up and feel fullness. Small-plate dining satisfies our taste buds by allowing us to try many things in one sitting.

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